My paintings hover on the thresholds between reality and fiction, care and harm, self and other. In contrast to art’s history of making the female body known, I use paint for its veiling effect, for its ability to seduce while resisting easy answers. Painting can be a disguise, a simultaneous revealing and re/veiling.

My recent large-scale works are the exact dimensions of a door, 83" x 34", an attenuated shape that has both a looming and a claustrophobic effect. Many works feature multiple figures engaging in ambiguous embraces or strange, acrobatic interactions. These figures occupy abstract environments, wherein layers of dimensionality and flatness complicate my ambiguous narratives. Lurking in the whimsy, you may catch glimpses of fierce vulnerability, ranging from the meditative, to the uncanny, to the frantic. In another ongoing series, I evoke awkward pinups. In these, I leave some canvas raw to augment a sense of detachment.