I am a figurative painter that draws inspiration from vintage photographs, awkward pinups, cacti, and tacky sweaters. I use painting to blur lines between reality and fiction, care and harm, self and other. In contrast to art’s history of making the female body known, I use paint for its veiling effect, for its ability to seduce while resisting easy answers. Painting can be a disguise, a simultaneous revealing and re/veiling.

My female figures are all anachronistic, drawn from vintage found photos, painted into claustrophobic new spaces outside time. These women occupy painted abstract environments, wherein layers of dimensionality and flatness defy direct narratives. When figures come together it is often in ambiguous embraces, or with an air of accomplices in something unknown. Lurking in the whimsy, you may catch glimpses of fierce vulnerability, ranging from the meditative, to the uncanny, to the frantic.